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Alex Fleming is currently a Senior Manager for Ernst & Young Advisory, Operations and Supply Chain Performance Improvement. Alex previously worked for Accenture’s Resources and Operations Consulting Practices in Houston and New York; McKinsey & Company in the Moscow, Russia office; and the US State Department in the Vladivostok Consulate. Alex served for 5 years as a Nuclear Submarine Officer in the US Navy.

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Career Goal: Be the most sought after Chief Operations Officer (COO) or Chief Digital Officer (CDO) in the Digital Revolution.

My career has walked the line between two worlds – strategy and execution; urban and rural; headquarters and the field; crossing over generations. My strength is in my ability to work with people from every walk of life to get things done, and break down complex problems into manageable tasks for the people who make revenue happen every day.

The roles I have most enjoyed and excelled in during my career: Combat Officer of the Deck, Drydock Duty Officer, Production Stage Manager, Operations Project Manager, Digital Mobility Innovation Leader, Training Officer, Core Consulting Instructor, and many others where I have had the privilege to be a trusted advisor to C-Suite and Operational leaders. My broad and diverse education in Physics, Nuclear Engineering, Data Science, Finance, and International Relations equip me with the tools to be at the helm of any enterprise. I am a digital evangelist who is not afraid to get my hands dirty and my fingers on the keyboard (I am have completed a certificate in Machine Learning, and I can work directly in Matlab/Octave, R, and Python), and I believe that businesses must embrace the disruption that technological tools will have on their operating model. Leaders must not be afraid to release paradigms and tear down and re-frame their entire value chain; data science and machine intelligence will be the future core competencies in business operations. Businesses will look drastically different 15 years from now, and I want to lead those transitions and support my CEOs and boards in their work.

I do not aspire to the CEO or Founder role – I love being the ‘Executive Officer;’ the strong right hand; and a steady ‘get it done’ leader. I look forward to bringing my experience to roles in the future.

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